Technology solutions to Africa's problems

Like everyone else in the world, Africans face a myriad of problems, many of them quite similar and needing common solutions.  There are however problems that other parts of the world found solutions to decades (even centuries) ago using technologies of the time; but to which African citizens are still grappling with.  Given advances in technology, Africa has a chance to solve these problems (of water, food, health, education, transportation, and others) at a much lower cost than say a decade ago!  InnovationBaraza is about challenging Africans and their friends to find solutions (be they original or copied/modified/adapted/improved) to solve current problems. Successful technologies under InnovationBaraza will be those that can solve real problems on the ground while being commercially viable and giving investors a reasonable return on their investement.

The InnovationBaraza Fair of July 10, 2015 is calling on inspired innovators to share their thoughts with the public, potential entrepreneurs, as well as those with inclination to be venture capitalists or social investors.