Zimbabweans can use this milestone year of 2018 in the same way its people used 1894 to envision an Anti-Colonial Struggle; in 1966 to envision a Free Zimbabwe from Rhodesia; and in 1980 to dream of a prosperous country.  Citizens can make 2018 the year of envisioning  “A People Living in a Modern and Prosperous Nation built through sweat, hard work, and technological ingenuity”

The year 2018 has ushered in a period for Zimbabwe to do at least five things:-

1.     Undertake “Controlled Change” (which is the essence of Evolution).

-       Stand firmly on ad learn lessons from its rich past.

-       Re-envision the hopeful future its citizens had in 1980.

-       Use this period to “Build a Bridge to the Future.”

2.     Modernize its politics, economics, and outlook in the face of globalization.

-       On the economy, give legs and wings to its wonderful policy statements.

-       On politics, implement its progressive constitution in its entirety.

-       On international stage, find a less confrontational way of pursuing economic justice.

3.     Consolidate its rich history on of Pan-Africanism in the world.

-       Continue to advocate for transformation at regional and international bodies.

-       Convert its rich regional political capital (militant sovereignity) into economic capital (trade and commerce).

4.     Shift gear from Political to Economic Resource Nationalism.

-       Use Fast Track Land Reform Program as foundation for An Agrarian Revolution (modern administration, security of tenure, tools to enhance productivity – e.g. land bank, land tax, land market, land use planning, etc.).

-       Use Economic Empowerment tools to attain Indigenization.

-       Understand and implement economic reforms based on the Country’s Comparative Advantage – human, natural, and geographical resources.

5.     Change the way we do things (which is the essence of Governance).

-       Modernize its institutions and systems (to tackle corruption and improve human rights (economy, political, social, and cultural).

-       Embrace modern technologies and deploy them aggressively.

-       Embrace thrift, fairness, prudence, and generosity


[1] Based on talk given at the “Corporate Governance Indaba 2018” held by the Quality Corporate Governance Centre (QCGC) at Zimbali Gardens, Harare, on 16 March 2018